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Mental Health Services

  • Psychodynamic Psychotherapy - live & online
  • Individuals (Adults), Couples & Families
  • Intercultural Counselling - live & online
  • Short-term Crisis and Trauma Interventions
  • Individual & Team Coaching and Training
  • Employee Satisfaction & Health.

In my work I support you to:

  • Restore self-love and self-respect

  • Rediscover your joy of life

  • Find Forgiveness to self and others

  • Regain self-respect and inner connection to yourself

  • To deepen your ability to connect and build relationships

  • To discover and develop your potentials and ability to live them

  • To meet your needs and activate self-healing capacities (particularly for psychosomatic illnesses)

Individual and Group Sessions:

  • Short-term treatment will take up to 25 individual session of 50 minutes each on a once to twice a week basis

  • Long-term treatment will take up to 100 individual sessions of 50 minutes each on a once to twice a week basis

  • Online treatment available for individual sessions

  • Short-term crisis intervention techniques will be up to 5 sessions of one hour once a week (live only)

  • For Individual and Team Coaching please get in touch to discuss your needs

  • For Workshop Inquiries please get in touch to discuss your needs

  • Employee Satisfaction & Health Analysis will be offered as a package deal (please inquire)


  • I offer treatment in German, English


  • All insurances, public and private & self-pay


Babette Gekeler

Ph.D. Clinical Psychotherapist

Nothing in life is linear - and the dynamics of life can throw us off. Whether you are experiencing difficulties and struggle to adapt life's challenges, feel depressed, unable to perform to your standards, or feel more troubled, sleepless and fearful than usual. Whether you have experienced severe trauma and feel time is ripe to face it or if you trouble orientating yourself in a new culture and context and feel your personal identity is strained - I am here to offer you a comfortable space - factual or virtual - all for yourself to be heard, to be emotionally held and to be healed.

About Me


+49 - (0)157 775 35 885

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